IT to support your business growth


The future is yours to make. The IT Division is here to help you get there by creating an IT strategy to support your business plans.


The IT Division is here to help keep your team productive day in and day out.


The IT Division team are people people. We understand real world business challenges and pride ourselves in providing solutions that leave your team feeling good about IT.

What we do

Managed IT Services

Managed Services is the proactive management and maintenance of your IT systems and services that we support for your business. With a managed services model we will find issues and repair them before they become a problem, ideally with no or very little downtime. Why Managed IT Services? The three main reasons behind Managed IT Services are to
  • Make sure all your systems are working as they should at all times
  • Minimise any costly downtime in your business related to IT problems
  • Enabling you to budget and manage your IT costs better, giving you a much improved cash-flow as a result
Managed IT Services is a proactive approach to managing your IT infrastructure as opposed to the traditional reactive approach with Break-Fix support.  With the proactive approach including such services as preventative maintenance, we as your IT Support provider are able to predict and fix most IT problems before they potentially manifest themselves into much bigger issues.  The traditional reactive Break-Fix approach implies that your business is already experiencing downtime as a result of staff potentially not being able to carry out their work on their IT systems. This is not an ideal situation to be in especially if you work out the business cost when some or all of your staff are unable to work.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a revolutionary set of online services from Microsoft that can streamline and improve many aspects of your business. Office 365 can improve your Email, Calanders, File and Cloud storage. It can provide video and instant messaging within your business as well as many other features. Office 365 allows important parts of your IT to become fully mobile allowing you and your staff to collaborate and do business without being tied to your desk. We are Microsoft Office 365 cloud partners and can provide the correct price point and group of features to best suit your business. Top 4 reasons to choose Office 365:
  1. Ensure the privacy of your business information
  2. Work virtually anywhere, anytime
  3. Boost productivity and efficiency with a complete solution
  4. Rely on a financially-backed 99.9 percent service level agreement


We can supply Microsoft software and Online services as well as Adobe, Shadowprotect and various other software solutions. We can research and recommend software for many situations and assist in supplying installing and configuring.

Cloud Backups

Backups are the single most important aspect of your IT solution. Should anything go wrong whether it is a natural disaster, theft or mistakes you need to ensure your data is safe and recoverable. Online backups provide an easy and reliable solution that allows your business to have piece of mind that your backups are running in the background and doesn’t need any user interaction that standard manual backups require. The IT Division can provide our own cloud backup solution that backs up all your critical data. We encrypt and compress your data for maximum security. All data is stored on Amazon S3 storage which is fast and reliable should your data ever need to be restored.


We are authorised resellers for HP, Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Microsoft Surface, Cisco, Ubiquiti, TP-Link and various other leading hardware brands. We can supply and install almost any hardware to suit your needs at competitive prices.

How we work


Our partnership starts

You have found The IT Division! Awesome! Whether you are a new business looking to setup from scratch, an existing business that has outgrown your current systems, or you are just looking for better service, we are glad you found us! We love IT and love helping businesses with their IT systems.


Understand your business needs

We sit down with you and discuss your business and what you do. We find any challenges you may be having with your current IT systems.


Agree on the plan

We create a plan to fix and improve any of your current issues. Whether this is new hardware, software or configuration changes. We look into the future of your business and what requirements you may need going forward so you can budget and have peace of mind that your IT is going to keep up with your business needs.


Build and maintain

We get to work. Supplying and installing any hardware or software that you may need. Making changes to your systems to streamline the IT components of your business. We then ensure that all aspects of your IT environment are maintained on a regular basis to improve reliability and reduce downtime.


Tech support

We ensure that as the IT Division of your business we are available when you need us. We provide multiple methods of contact whether this is phone, email or using our online ticketing system we make it easy for you to get support.

Who We Are

Based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Providing support in the Canterbury and Auckland regions. We are proudly small and close to our customers.

James Lowden studied in IT for 4 years before starting to work in the field in 2008, he was an Operations Manager for an IT support company before forming his own business in 2010 and growing it to what is now The IT Division. We currently have a team of five IT professionals, plus our support team. We have an extensive skillset from our education and many years of experience in the field of business IT support. We pride ourselves on providing user-friendly, plain English advice, and support to our customers – we are not your typical nerds!

Our Values

We love IT and seeing IT help businesses grow.

We deal with our business partners in an open, fair, and respectful manner.

We always act with integrity and professionalism.

We see ourselves as part of our customer's businesses, not outside consultants.

Our Benefits

Our customers benefit from having an IT system aligned to where they are taking their business. Our IT solutions help teams work better, serve customers better, and generally keep their businesses humming. More than all that, though, our customers feel good about IT, and are free to focus on growing their business safe in the knowledge their IT is helping them achieve their goals.

How can we help?


Unit 7B / 303 Blenheim Road
Upper Riccarton
Christchurch 8041


0800 FIXED PC | 0800 349 337